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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call a person drawing?

A person who draws is probably just called an artist, although if the person has a specialty he or she might also be called an illustrator, a portraitist, a sketch artist, an urban sketcher, a calligrapher, or whatever the artist is best known for. Drawing is also called drafting or rendering.

How do I draw a person?

To draw a person, start by sketching a basic wire frame for them that includes their head and body. Then, go back in and draw the shapes of their body parts, including their arms and legs.

What does drawn to someone mean?

In this context, to be drawn to a person means to be attracted to a person. This does not necessarily mean sexually or romantically, but it is often used that way. You may be thinking of drawn in the artistic sense, as in making a sketch, but that would be phrased as you are drawn by her.

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