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Frequently Asked Questions

What are social problems caused by alcoholism?

Alcohol can lessen tension, reduce inhibitions, and ease social interactions. But drinking too much can: Be physically and psychologically addicting. Cause impaired memory, coordination, and judgment. Damage the heart, liver, and nervous system. Lead to birth defects .

Does alcohol cause a social problem?

Social Effects of Alcohol on the Family. Children of substance abusers are 3-4 times more likely than peers to become addicted to alcohol or other drugs.7 Children of alcoholics are at higher risk for developing an array of emotional problems including mistrust, guilt, shame, confusion, ambivalence, fear and insecurities .

Why does alcohol make people social?

Alcohol is a social lubricant in the sense that sharing some drinks is often used as a reason for people to get together. The term also refers to the way it loosens people up and lowers their inhibitions. Someone who may be quiet and reserved, even slightly, is often more open and outgoing when they've had a few drinks.

How does alcoholism affect society?

The Impact of Alcoholism on Society. The real-world impact of alcohol abuse reaches far beyond the financial costs. When a loved one has a problem with alcohol, it can affect their marriage and their extended family. There's also the larger impact on the community, schools, the workplace, the health care system and on society as a whole.

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