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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you contact MSN Hotmail?

Tech Support Specialist: Brian McGuire, Computer Support Specialist replied 8 years ago. you can contact to msn customer service at 1-800-386-5550. To contact Hotmail Customer Service: Log in to Hotmail - ideally with the account you have a question on, but any account will do. Click on Help, in the upper right corner of the Hotmail page.

Is MSN and Hotmail the same thing?

MSN Hotmail is nothing more, or less, than the previous version of Windows Live Hotmail. The confusion exists because the transition from MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Hotmail was done slowly over time. That means that for a while both were available at the same time.

How do you sign in to Hotmail?

Sign in to your Hotmail account with your Windows Live ID and password. Click the "Inbox" to see if any new email messages have been sent to your account. New messages are in bold and you can click the message subject to view the message.

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