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Frequently Asked Questions

Which shoes are the best running shoes?

Another famous name which is concerned with the production of the best running shoes all over the world is Reebok. These shoes are the most comfortable shoes that could be taken into use for daily running sessions.

Where can I buy wholesale shoes?

WHERE TO BUY WHOLESALE SHOES: Customers can reach the store at 213-742-1207 or via email at [email protected] BEST SHOES At BEST SHOES, minimum orders also range from 12 to 18 pairs, depending on shoe style. BEST SHOES manufactures its own shoes. The showroom is located on 737 E. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

How do you repair shoes?

Best ways for repairing cracks, rips, tears, holes in shoes: Apply the shoe glue to both the sole and the bottom of the shoe. Line up the sole with the bottom of the shoe evenly and have them make contact with one another. Wipe any excess glue coming from in between the shoe and sole. Use a heavy object to set on top of your shoe to add pressure to make a tighter bond.

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