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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you Shampoo Your carpet?

How frequently you should shampoo carpet depends largely on the amount of traffic a carpet receives. A carpet that is walked on daily should be cleaned at least once or twice per year, but carpet in an infrequently used room may need to be shampooed only every 18 months.

What to use in a carpet shampooer?

Carpet shampooers, also called steam vacuums, use detergent or shampoo specially formulated for upholstery used on sofas and chairs to clean them. You can use a shampooer with an upholstery attachment and clean your sofa.

How does carpet shampooing work?

The basic carpet shampooer comes quipped with a built in heater that warms the mix of cleaning agents and water. Small jets discharge the cleansers onto the carpet, where the agent is worked into the carpet with the use of soft rotary brushes.

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