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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you sell with a series 65 license?

The Series 65 license is a state-specific securities license that allows individuals to market and sell securities and give financial advice related to securities. The Series 65 is a NASAA exam but is administered by FINRA. Preparing for this exam with a study course is often the first step to getting your Series 65 license.

What does series 65 allow you to do?

What a Series 65 License Means. On its most basic level, a Series 65 allows a financial professional to give clients investment advice and analysis. It’s a fairly standard exam in the financial industry. Candidates who receive their Series 65 license are qualified as Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR) in certain states.

What can you do with a series 65 license Florida?

With your Series 65 license you can provide information on the various types of securities products, assistance with retirement planning, such as whether to make an IRA contribution or fund Roth IRAs, and other financial planning advice.

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