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Frequently Asked Questions

What is schoolmax family portal?

SchoolMAX Family Portal is an application that allows parents to view students' attendance and grades as the information is added in real time. For example, when a student's attendance is marked for that day, the parent or guardian can immediately login and SchoolMax Registration and Resource Guide for Parents.

What is edschoolmax?

SchoolMAX will help you efficiently and effectively enter and maintain all necessary attendance, scheduling, grading, discipline, health, special education, and other information for all of your current students. This is easily accomplished with minimal data entry through an Internet site and a simple click of the mouse.

How do I use schoolmax for parents and guardians?

SchoolMAX Support for Parents and Guardians. Prince George's County Public Schools provides a Family Access Portal that allows authorized caretakers to log into SchoolMAX from any computer with an Internet connection and view the child's student information, including current attendance records and assignment scores.

How do I browse a student's information in schoolmax?

Once a student is located, a user may browse the student's information in detail without the need for new search indexes or keyboard entry. SchoolMAX also provides this functionality through a one-stop, single screen look at a comprehensive set of student information (ST009).

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