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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are schools still closed in Minnesota?

Blizzard Conditions Close Southern Minnesota Highways While temperatures climbed above zero in Minnesota on Thursday, schools across the state were still canceling classes as strong winds threaten blowing snow and dangerous driving conditions.

What schools are closing in Stillwater area school district?

The Stillwater Area School District introduced a proposal that would close three elementary schools, Marine, Withrow and Oak Park, beginning in 2017.

How bad is the icy weather in Minnesota?

Extremely icy conditions in the northern region of Minnesota has resulted in numerous crashes and many school closings Monday morning.

Is school cancelled in Anoka-Hennepin?

Schools Cancel Classes Monday Due To Extreme Cold Anoka-Hennepin School District has announced they will cancel classes for Monday, joining a number of other schools making the same decision. Esme’s Blog: A Note to School Administrators To school administrators: I get it, your job is hard.

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