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Frequently Asked Questions

Is scholar a Google product?

Google Scholar is a Google product specifically designed for searching academic sources. These include articles, books, dissertations, and abstracts from a wide variety of fields.

Who are famous scholars?

Famous Rhodes scholars include James William Fulbright, Rachel Maddow, Susan Rice, Edwin Hubble, Bill Clinton, Terence Malik, Bill Bradley, Kris Kristofferson and Cory Booker. Rhodes scholars are typically awarded for academic and leadership achievements and earn an opportunity to study at Oxford.

What is the definition of the word scholar?

Definition of scholar. 1 : a person who attends a school or studies under a teacher : pupil.

Where can I find free scholarly articles?

To find free abstracts for most scholarly articles using the Google Scholar search engine, users can simply search by phrase, title or author. The Google Scholar search engine may include results that require a subscription fee to read the full abstract or article; however, there are ways to find free articles.

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