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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage saved passwords in Microsoft Edge?

Once your passwords are saved in Edge, it’s easy to find and edit them. Open Settings pane in Edge and click “View Advanced Settings” button. There’s a blue line reads “Manage my save passwords” under “Privacy and services” section. Click that and you’ll see the list of your saved passwords.

How to manage your saved passwords in Microsoft Edge?

How to Manage Saved Passwords in Edge Browser Press Win+X and then select Control Panel. Click User Accounts. Click "Manage Web Credentials." You'll see a list of logins for websites, apps, and networks saved by Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Click the down arrow to see a detailed view of one of the stored logins. Click the Show link or Remove link to reveal the password or remove the stored login information. You'll be prompted to enter your account password ... See More....

How do I remember passwords on Microsoft Edge?

If it doesn’t show up at all and you want Microsoft Edge to remember your passwords, open up Edge. Click on the more settings icon (…), then Settings. Scroll down to the very bottom and click on Advanced Settings. Look for the Offer to save passwords option and turn it On.

How do you find your saved passwords?

Open your browser and click "Tools," "Options" if you are using an Internet browser other than Internet Explorer. Select the "Privacy" button and then select the "Passwords" tab. Click the "View Saved Passwords" button. The domain and the password will be listed for you.

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