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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find saved Wifi passwords?

How to find WiFi Password Saved on your PC – Steps to Follow. Go to your System Control Panel -> Open Network and Sharing Center. Here Under Connections Select WiFi Internet Connection and there Select Wireless Properties. Navigate to the Security Tab and Check mark the box Show Characters. That’s it and now you will be able to see your stored...

How do you clear saved passwords?

Click on the option “Saved Passwords”. You will be shown a list of all the saved passwords and username for each website. Now, to delete all saved password from the password manager, Select the appropriate website which you wish to delete. Then click on “Remove” option. To delete all the saved passwords from password manager, click on “Remove All”.

How do you manage saved passwords?

Manage saved passwords. To manage passwords, click the Manage passwords button. On the settings page, you can view your saved passwords and the sites you specified to never to ask or save the password. If you want to edit the information on an entry, click the entry and change the username and password as required, and then click the Save button.

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