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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to my samsara account?

Samsara users can then log in using the link in the welcome email or log in directly at If you are the administrator for your Samsara Cloud deployment, proceed to Add Sites Administrators to your Account. If you already have a Samsara account, log in at

What can I do with Samsara?

Use Samsara to jointly improve the safety of customers and more accurately assess risk. Provide a seamless experience across platforms with Samsara’s open API. Already an approved partner with Samsara? Log into your partner portal. Forgot your password? Not a member?

What is the Samsara dashboard?

The dashboard is a crucial part of the platform: It’s the epicenter for all the data collection and reporting across all Samsara products in one place. The dashboard features that are available to you depend on your administrative role and privileges. Access the Samsara dashboard with a Samsara Supported Browser.

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