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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BPMN and how to use it?

In a nutshell, BPMN makes the documentation process easy to decipher. Try EdrawMax Online to create your BPMN without any effort, just grab a BPMN template or choose a BPMN example from Template Gallery and keep customizing as for preference, and your diagram is ready quickly.

What is a BPMN diagram template?

This BPMN template describes the business process of ordering an iPhone from eBay. A similar BPMN diagram template can be used to describe other online orders as well. Click on the image to modify it as you want. The following business process diagram template is that of a Choreography diagram.

What is the 4th BPMN example?

The fourth BPMN example is a diagram for advertising creation process workflow. For some, it could be challenging to understand the language of the BPMN diagram. They can use online BPMN diagram makers like EdrawMax to create their templates for business.

What is BPMN in Visio?

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard way to represent business processes graphically. Visio includes a template that contains the graphical elements described by the BPMN 2.0 specification, following the Analytic conformance class. Only the basic BPMN 2.0 shapes are included in the BPMN Basic Shapes stencil.

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