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Do peace talks make sense in Ukraine?

In an interview with state media nearly five months after Russia's invasion, the foreign minister also said peace talks made no sense at the moment because Western governments were leaning on Ukraine to fight rather than negotiate. Ukraine's foreign minister retorted that Russia wanted "blood, not talks".

Does Russia have a new weapon to fight in Ukraine?

Soldiers fighting Russians have a new weapon. See what it can do (CNN) Russia's objectives in Ukraine now extend beyond the eastern Donbas region into the country's south, a senior government minister has said.

Did Russia want 'blood not talks' in Ukraine?

Ukraine's foreign minister retorted that Russia wanted "blood, not talks". When Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, President Vladimir Putin explicitly denied any intention of occupying his neighbour.

Will Ukraine send more tanks to Kyiv?

(AP Photo/Craig Ruttle) Ukraine’s foreign minister on Wednesday called on the country’s Western allies to send as many tanks as possible, following Germany’s announcement that it would allow Leopard 2 battle tanks to be sent to Kyiv. “So the tank coalition is formed.

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