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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Romanian last names?

The Romanians belong to the country romania. They mostly use the last names that end with u's such as Popescu, Ionescu, Moraru, Cobzaru, Dogaru, Vasilescu, Matache and etc. Romanians will prefer to names ending with u's.

How was Romania involved in World War 2?

The Battle of Romania in World War II comprised several operations in or around Romania in 1944, as part of the Eastern Front, in which the Soviet Army defeated Axis (German and Romanian) forces in the area, Romania changed sides, and Soviet and Romanian forces drove the Germans back into Hungary.

What is Romania in World War 2?

As a member of the Axis, Romania joined the invasion of the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941, providing equipment and oil to Nazi Germany as well as committing more troops to the Eastern Front than all the other allies of Germany combined. Romanian forces played a large role during fighting in Ukraine, Bessarabia, Stalingrad and elsewhere.

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