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Frequently Asked Questions

What is address allocation 1918 (RFC 1918)?

RFC 1918 Address Allocation for Private Internets February 1996 Moving a host from private to public or vice versa involves a change of IP address, changes to the appropriate DNS entries, and changes to configuration files on other hosts that reference the host by IP address.

What is the RFC 1918 Private IP address standard?

As of today, RFC 1918 is the final standard for private IP addressing. Sticking with our theme of “how the Internet was originally designed to work”, private IP addresses were originally for hosts that should not be connected to the Internet.

What is RFC 1918 and why is it important?

The reasons for this are RFC 1918 has a security benefit of hiding your inside hosts by default because those private IP addresses are not routable on the Internet. If you send traffic to a private IP address and it gets out to the Internet, the Internet router is just going to drop that traffic.

What is the rfc-1918 private addresses at Rutgers?

Classification of RFC-1918 Private Addresses at Rutgers Network Size Number of Hosts Registered RUNet Routed Internet Routed 65,536 NO NO NO

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