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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes rejection sensitivity?

When a situation doesn’t have social repercussions, they may be able to handle those rejections differently. Rejection sensitivity isn’t caused by one single factor. Instead, there may be many factors at play. Some possible causes include childhood experiences like critical parents and bullying along with biological factors and genetics.

How do you treat dysphoria?

Dysphoria is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis, and people often seek mental health care for feelings of dysphoria. Psychotherapy is a common tool to treat dysphoria and works by first identifying the underlying cause or conditions of dysphoria, and then by addressing the feelings or conditions that cause it.

What are the symptoms of fear of rejection?

Sweaty palms, labored breathing, an increased heart rate and trouble speaking are common symptoms of the fear of rejection. They are also potential reasons for an employer to reject a candidate. 1  Confidence and an air of authority are critical in many positions, and those suffering from this fear often come across as weak and insecure.

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