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Frequently Asked Questions

What does RCB stand for?

Home / Program Offices / Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) / Grants Management and Oversight Division / Grants Information / Funding Opportunities / FY 2021 and 2022 Rural Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grants (RCB)

What is the purpose of who RCBS?

The purpose of WHO RCBs is to provide well characterized cell seed material for the generation of a MCB by manufacturers with the expectation that such MCBs will comply with this guidance document and be fully characterized. The WHO RCBs provide key advantages for vaccine development worldwide that include:

How do I use my RCB Bank Visa debit card?

Add your RCB Bank Visa® debit card to your phone’s mobile payment wallet. Text Banking allows you to receive text alerts when transactions such as deposits occur in your account. You can also check your balance, transfer money and more! 12 This checking account pays you back with cash.

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