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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best random number generator?

If you need bullet-proof random-number generation, use the Boost stuff, or C++11. For beginners, this is sufficient. Absolutely a better solution is to use Boost random number generator it was written by people who actually understand the problems associated with random numbers.

What is the best way to generate a random number? offers easiest and quickest way to generate a random number. Its absolutely free online random number generator. Simply click a button to produce a random number. Create one or more random numbers within a defined range. Enter the range's minimum and maximum values, in order to generate random numbers.

What is the minimum and maximum value of a random number generator?

The minimum and maximum values limit the range of possible values in a random number generator. The minimum value represents the smallest number in the range, while the maximum value represents the largest number.

What is the purpose of a random number generator?

A random number generator is a code that generates a sequence of random numbers based on some conditions that cannot be predicted other than by random chance. Random Number Generation is important while learning or using any language. For example, it is required in games, lotteries to generate any random number.

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