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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bad things about Industrial Revolution?

Many insignificant things happened during the Industrial Revolution. Even though certain events during the revolution was terrible it made us what we are today. The air pollution and water pollution were key factors that made certain people believe the Industrial Revolution was bad and a turning point in history.

Is the Industrial Revolution good or bad?

Generally the Industrial Revolution was good for the society as a whole in terms of progress in science, technology, economy and demography. However it was bad for individual people in the society in terms of living standards, e.g. many had to move close to factories, work long hours in difficult conditions and live in polluted and crowded suburbs.

What were the negative consequences of the Industrial Revolution?

One negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was the poor working conditions in factories which were a big problem during the Industrial Revolution. Many people worked in factories, which had very tight spaces and poor lighting.

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