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Frequently Asked Questions

What obstacles did Barack Obama face when he became president?

Barack Obama had quite a few obstacles when he became the president of USA: US economy in free-fall. Stock market going down every week. Real estate prices falling, putting many people in foreclosure. Banks in BIG trouble. GM in deep shit. If GM had collapsed, an entire ancillary industry would have bitten the dust.

What are the biggest controversies of Barack Obama's presidency?

The Biggest Controversies of Barack Obama's Presidency. President Barack Obama may turn out to be a relatively popular president but he was not immune to controversy. The list of Obama controversies include a broken promise that Americans would be able to keep their insurers under the Affordable Care Act health care overhaul,...

How has American public opinion changed during Obama's presidency?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- American public opinion changed in significant ways over the course of Barack Obama's eight years in the White House, including on issues such as the economy, race relations, and the level of confidence the public has in different aspects or actors in the government.

How have Americans'views on the economy changed under Obama?

By most measures, Americans' views of the economic situation improved significantly over the eight years of Obama's presidency. In Obama's first year as president (2009), 23% of Americans said they were better off financially than the year before.

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