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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the problems created by industrialization?

What were the problems created by industrialization? In the 1800s the industrialization created many problems, because the rapid growth of cities brought a lot of people and with that more problem were being crated .for example Pollution created smoke, fouling of rivers, use of dangerous chemicals.

How did the Industrial Revolution affect the lives of people?

Along with its benefits, the Industrial Revolution created grave problems. It brought misery instead of happiness to thousands of workers in the factories and to their families. The Industrial Revolution affected ways of living during the 1800’s and the common people sought a greater share in its benefits.

What are the criticisms of industrialization?

Focusing on Great Britain, critics of industrialization noted the horrors of urbanization, the conditions of the working-class and other social problems and created several important responses that demonized and tried to solve the issues rooted in capitalistic free-market economics.

What efforts were made to solve workers’ problems during the Industrial Revolution?

What Efforts were made to Solve Workers’ Problems during the Industrial Revolution? The evils which came with the Industrial Revolution chiefly affected the workers in the factories. Machines increased the quantity of goods, but workers often did not have enough money to buy the goods that filled the shop windows.

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