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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the city of Portsmouth doing to protect my personal information?

The City of Portsmouth is committed to maintaining and protecting the confidentiality of individuals’ personal and sensitive information. Read the City of Portsmouth’s Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF).

What is the city of Portsmouth online permitting system?

The City of Portsmouth Online Permitting System (POPS) provides 24-hour access to permit and inspection information. Using POPS you can look up: · Building permits and view inspection results

How much does the city of Portsmouth charge to use my card?

The City of Portsmouth does not receive any portion of the fee that is charged. Please have your account number ready. There is a $3.50 service charge* to use your card or $1.50 to use a check. Once payment is made, make note of the confirmation code.

Is there a service available for Portsmouth residents?

Our service is only available to Portsmouth residents who wish to renew their registrations. It is not available for new, first-time, or plate transfer registrations. Please have the following items handy before continuing:

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