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Frequently Asked Questions

What does por stand for?

Acronym Definition POR Portal POR Process of Reference (manufacturing tech ... POR Portuguese (language) POR Point of Receipt 61 more rows ...

How do I remember when to use por?

An easy way to remember when you need to use por is by remembering the acronym DREAM: Each letter in DREAM stands for one of the situations in which you'll use por! Example (from song lyrics!) "Es por tí" de Juanes (Read about his journey learning English !) I would like to exchange my heart for another one that isn’t loving you.

What is the difference between Voy Por el Médico and Solo Van a por?

voy por el médico I'll go and fetch o get the doctor; voy a por él (a buscarle) I'll go and get him; (a atacarle) I'm going to get him; solo van a por las pelas they're only in it for the money; ¡a por ellos! get them! ¿por? why (do you ask)?

What does por lo que dicen mean?

por lo que dicen judging by o from what they say; por la cara que pone no debe de gustarle judging by o from his face I don't think he likes it; por las señas no piensa hacerlo apparently he's not intending to do it; it doesn't seem like he's intending to do it

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