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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a poppy Playtime map prop pack?

This is a map prop pack from Poppy Playtime Chapter 2! Many people have been begging for a map, so this is the closest thing we will have to one for a while. This took me a long time to make, and no, they don't all have physics. It is meant to be like that... Daddy Long Legs! (GMOD VERSION!) CREDIT TO TECHMACHINEBLADE FOR THE ORIGINAL MODEL!...

What is the claw from poppy Playtime Chapter 2?

Experiment 1006 The Prototype! also known as the claw from poppy playtime chapter 2!... this is the crusher the crushed mommy long legs and died dats kinda dark anyways enjoy... ... RAGDOLL... Before you all kill me I just want to said I don't support Playtime with poppy I just making dumb dupes for fun. So please don't kill me for its.

Will there be new characters added after Poppy is added?

A New Playmate! After poppy is added to this pack, I WONT add ANY new characters. the only possible updates there will be are bug fixes, and that this pack will be completed. another thing i want to say is that i will at SOME POINT make the maps. but im currently working on a map for hello neighbor 2. so the poppy playtime maps will have to wait.

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