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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use fake phone number generator?

You have to choose your required country and generate phone number for your use by using this fake phone number generator. At every website you have to sign up first. For that purpose you have to use your telephone number for confirmation as well as to receive updates to your phone.

Is the random phone number generator app ethical and legit?

Our random phone number generator app is ethical and legitimate, as it uses phone numbers set aside by the country’s regulatory agencies. We assure you that our numbers will never be traced back to you, and that you will never run out of temporary, disposable numbers.

What are disposable phone numbers?

Disposable phone numbers are also called temporary phone numbers. Our site provides temporary/disposable numbers to our users for development. We don't charge the user for using our service, and the user doesn't have to wait to receive SMS. You can freely use these numbers for testing SMS receive only. .

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