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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for a hotel online?

1 Pay by credit or debit card. The easiest way to pay for a hotel booking online is by using a credit card. ... 2 Pay with PayPal, if you want to use PayPal is a popular method of online payment, because you do not need to provide your credit card information to yet ... 3 Pay with miles or reward points. ...

Can you use credit cards to pay for your hotel?

Do you know that you can use Credit Cards to pay for your hotel? At, you can travel and book hotel accommodation at your desired destinations using your preferred credit card with the credit card payment accepted and the booking confirmed in minutes. What is Credit Card?

How does the Rewards Visa credit card work? Rewards Visa Credit Card cardholders will earn one stamp in the® Rewards program for every $500 spent in net purchases (purchases minus returns and credits) using your Rewards Visa Credit Card.

Does Hotels Rewards credit card cover cell phone bills?

This protection is only available when cell phone bills are paid with an eligible Rewards Visa Credit Card. The coverage does not apply if the cell phone bill is paid from a Wells Fargo Debit Card, Wells Fargo Business Credit Card, Wells Fargo Commercial Card, or from a card that is linked to a Line of Credit.

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