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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do parents need to get involved?

When parents become involved in their children's education, the parents are more likely to: be more confident at school. be more confident in themselves as parents and their ability to help their children learn. be held in higher esteem by teachers and have teachers expect more from their children. enroll in continuing education to advance their own schooling.

Why should parents be involved in education?

Here are a few reasons being involved with your child’s education and their school is beneficial. Better grades – Most children who’s parents are involved in their education get better grades. When a child doesn well in school they are less likely to be disruptive, avoid skipping school, and care more about their education.

What is the importance of parent involvement?

Much research exists about the importance of parent involvement in education. The research overwhelmingly indicates that parent involvement not only positively affects student achievement, it contributes to higher quality education and better performance of schools overall.

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