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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of used cars in PakWheels?

PakWheels has the following categories in used car section: used hatchbacks, used sedans, used SUV, used sports cars, used luxury cars, used pickups, used MPV and used vans. You can also apply for online vehicle verification Karachi from PakWheels MTMIS Portal.

How can I Sell my Car through PakWheels?

When it's time to get rid of your car, you can post FREE Ad and sell car easily through PakWheels. Moving onwards, you can also finance your car and view the banks for new car financing.

How many cars are available for sale in Karachi?

We have tens and hundreds of Cars for Sale listed in each city. Pakwheels makes it easy for you to find the best cars for sale in Karachi at best prices. </p> <h2>Used Cars for Sale in Karachi</h2> <p> There are currently 14,951 available used cars for sale in Karachi.

How to buy car parts online in Pakistan?

If you are interested, we have another feature, namely Featured New Cars, where you can view popular, upcoming, and newly launched cars. You can also buy Car Parts online in Pakistan through Lastly, you can also explore PakWheels’ Cool Rides, Forums, and Auto Show sections.

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