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Frequently Asked Questions

What does pakora mean?

Definitions for pakora pako·ra. Pakora is a fried snack found across South Asia. Pakoras are created by taking one or two ingredients such as onion, eggplant, potato, spinach, plantain, paneer, cauliflower, tomato, chili pepper, or occasionally bread or chicken and dipping them in a batter of gram flour and then deep-frying them.

What is the plural of pakora?

Noun pakora (plural pakoras) A piece of vegetable, or sometimes meat, deep-fried in a batter flavoured with spices.

What is vegetable pakora?

pakora is a generic term used for deep fried fritters made in india. mostly, gram flour is used for coating the veggies and then they are deep fried in oil. pakora gets it name from the vegetable which is used to make it like potato pakoras, onion pakoras, spinach pakoras etc.

What is bhajiya called in English?

The pakora is known also under other spellings including pikora, pakoda, pakodi and regional names such as bhaji, bhajiya, bora and chop . Pakoras are made by coating ingredients, usually vegetables, in a spiced batter, then deep frying them.

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