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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BBC News Urdu?

BBC Urdu (Urdu: بی بی سی اردو‬‎) is the Urdu language station of the BBC World Service, accompanied by its website, which serves as a news portal and provides online access to radio broadcasts. The radio service is broadcast from Broadcasting House in London as well as from a BBC bureau in Islamabad. The target audience are Pakistanis.

What is the Urdu news?

Urdu News is a broad category of news that can come from various reliable sources that are been modified and developed into a news story before being delivered to the viewers. Pakistani audience prefers to keep themselves updated with Urdu News. Most of the readership and viewership in Pakistan is Urdu based; therefore,...

What is Pakistan Urdu?

Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in India and Pakistan. It is one of the two standardized registers of Hindustani, distinguished from the other, Hindi, mainly in its writing system.

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