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Frequently Asked Questions

How many paintings of sunflowers did Van Gogh paint?

Van Gogh painted the Sunflower series between the years of 1887 to 1889. How many paintings are there in the Sunflower Series? There are a total 11 paintings in this series. Where did he paint them? Van Gogh painted four of the paintings in Paris, and he painted the remaining seven in Arles .

Why did Van Gogh paint sunflowers?

Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers Gone to Seed, 1887. Courtesy of the Van Gogh Museum. The sunflower, which Van Gogh once saw as decorative, had become something almost sacred, a symbol that represented light itself, an ideal of an honest life lived in nature.

How much was the painting Sunflowers sold for?

Van Gogh Painting Sold for Record $39.85 Million. A painting of dazzling yellow sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh was sold today for $39.85 million, more than three times the highest price ever paid for a painting at auction.

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