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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my American Airlines Flight?

How do I find my American Airlines E ticket number? On an e-ticket receipt, the airline code and ticket number is located at the bottom center of the receipt. In this example, you would enter 2150030834 in the ticket number box. The 001 is already provided to the left of the box if American Airlines is selected as the airline flown.

Do you have to check in for American Airlines?

Rules for American Airlines flight check-in You can check in online or using the mobile app starting 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before departure of the first flight in your itinerary. This applies even if you have a connecting flight that’s more than a day away.

Does American Airlines have online check in?

Yes, you may check-in for your American Airlines (AA) flight online starting 24 hours and ending 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time (depending on your departure city and destination) to receive a mobile boarding pass on your mobile device or a printable boarding pass. You may use this option if:

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