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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need drivers license to register a car in NY?

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles you are not required to have a driver license or learner permit to apply for a vehicle registration or title certificate in state of New York.

Can you register a vehicle online in NYS?

To register your vehicle, gather all necessary documentation and have the applicable fees ready and visit your local New York DMV office. You can also visit the New York Online Registration webpage to prepare your original registration application online.

How do you register a car in NY?

To register your vehicle, visit your local NYSDMV Office: Present the bill of sale and vehicle title, both signed by the previous owner. Present a New York State Insurance Identification Card (form FS-20). Provide a completed Vehicle Registration/Title Application (Form MV-82). Provide identification and date of birth.

How do you register a boat in NY?

To register and/or title your boat, with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, gather the following: A completed Boat Registration/Title Application (Form MV-82B). An acceptable document to prove ownership of the boat. Proof of identity (name and date of birth). If there's a lien on the boat, a completed Notice of Lien (Form MV-900).

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