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Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are needed for DMV?

Each state maintains different policies, but in general you will need to provide some or all of the following documents: Your current drivers license. Your full legal name. Your Social Security number. Proof of legal presence, identity, and date of birth. Proof of residency. Proof of a name change (if applicable).

How do I get duplicate title in NY?

To replace your title with the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): Go online to the NY DMV website and enter your vehicle information. Mail a completed Application for Duplicate Title (Form MV-902), proof of you identity, and a $20 check.

How much does a NY registration renewal cost?

In New York, for example, renewing your vehicle registration can be anywhere from $26 – $71, depending on the weight of your vehicle. If your motor vehicle is 1,650 lbs. or less, the registration renewal will cost $26. If it’s 1,751 lbs. to 1,850 lbs., the registration renewal will cost $29.

How much is NY DMV inspection?

The average cost of a car inspection in New York State is $21. The actual cost varies depending upon several factors. Heavy vehicles, for one, cost more to inspect.

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