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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a numberpicker in Android Studio?

NumberPickers are a widget avalible in Android Studio. They are a set of values selectable by either a horizontal or vertical scrolling wheel. To create a NumberPicker, go to the XML file of your main activity. Switch from the Design tab to the Text tab and type <NumberPicker. As you type this, Android Studio will suggest a NumberPicker.

How to show number picker dialog?

Create a DialogFragment implementing onCreateDialog method which returns alert dialog containing the NumberPicker view. Instantiate the dialog fragment in the activity where you need to show number picker dialog and show it.

How to set custom values in nubmerpicker?

If you want to have custom values inside your number picker you can do something like this: private void setNubmerPicker (NumberPicker nubmerPicker,String [] numbers ) { nubmerPicker.setMaxValue (numbers.length-1); nubmerPicker.setMinValue (0); nubmerPicker.setWrapSelectorWheel (true); nubmerPicker.setDisplayedValues (numbers); }

Does numberpicker support double in Kotlin?

In Kotlin, you can use this handy NumberPicker extension dialog which scales your Double values into a fitting Int range and converts the Int values back to Double s before calling any of the callback. So it basicallly hides away the fact that NumberPicker only supports Int. It just feels like NumberPicker would actually support Double, try it out!

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