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Frequently Asked Questions

What does nsips stand for?

Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System The Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) is the Navy’s single, field-entry, electronic pay and personnel system for all USN/USNR Sailors.

How do I get a copy of my nsips?

NSIPS Access: SAAR-N Form OPNAV 5239/2011 request for NSIPS, Electronic Service Record and WEB ADHOC should be submitted to [email protected], a hard copy of request is required for access to an specific online request that is available at the NSIPS WEBSITE. If additional assistance is required review Military Pay Advisory (MPA 32/15).

What is the current application cycle for the Navy enlisted system?

The current application cycle will be extended through 10 Sep. to ensure all Sailors are provided adequate time to submit applications. Navy Enlisted System (NES) and Officer Personnel Information System (OPINS) capabilities are being integrated to streamline usage and the migration is impacting operations temporarily.

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