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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a NOAA River Forecast Center?

NOAA River Forecast Centers issue forecasts for some streams and rivers. Experts at these centers take into account how much precipitation has fallen in the recent past and precipitation amounts anticipated in the next 24 hours. What can I do with these data? Monitor real-time development of flooding following storms or springtime melting.

What is a sample river level forecast?

Topic A sample river level forecast for a particular location. The blue curve represents the observed river level and how it has changed over time. The purple dots/line are the RFC's forecast for the river level into the future. The yellow, red and purple shading indicate various significance stages of flooding at that site.

What is the process of forecasting rivers?

The process of forecasting rivers begins with the forecast of the rainfall expected over a period of time. Staff meteorologists prepare a full 5-day precipitation forecast to monitor developing systems.

What to expect from the Willamette River flooding in Oregon City?

Also expect flooding of the shopping district and other businesses along the Willamette River in Oregon City adjacent to I-205. major flood stage, numerous homes are threatened with flooding in the vicinity of West Linn and Marylhurst along River St, and also in the Oak Grove area.

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