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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cosmetics are there in TF2?

There are currently a total of 1608 cosmetic items. 109 can be obtained in Vintage quality, 186 can be obtained in Strange quality, 289 can be obtained in Genuine quality (see item quality distribution), 78 can be obtained in Collector's quality, and 1054 of the cosmetics can be painted 29.5 colors using different varieties of Paint Cans.

How do you get console on TF2?

How to Activate Console on TF2. Select the "Options" button from the main menu. Click on the "Keyboard" tab in the "Options" menu. Select "Advanced" at the bottom of the window. Click the box for enabling the developer console and click both "OK" messages. Enter any game from the main menu. Press the "Tilde" key. Enter...

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