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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tragedy of NCIS?

Tragic Accident on NCIS Set, All Production Suspended - NCIS - Fanpop. 5. Tragic Accident on NCIS Set, All Production Suspended. posted by Tiva4Eva1. A Security Guard on the NCIS set was tragically killed in an accident that occured on Wednesday at around 10.10 AM. It has been stated that this tragic accident occured on location in Santa Clarita. The accident itself occured at an empty industrial building frequently used for TV productions.

Where is the real NCIS headquarters? The realworld location of the NCIS headquarters that is recreated at Valencia Studios is in Quantico, Virginia, at the Russell Knox building on the Marine Corps base. Actor Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Nicholas Torres on the show, posted these pictures on his Instagram account:

Is NCIS still on the the air?

NCIS has great ratings. Even in this age of streaming services, the show will receive about 8-10 million broadcast viewers in the U.S. for each new episode. That’s another reason why the show is still airing.

Who is the girl on NCIS?

The talented hacker and brilliant special agent is played by model-turned-actress Medalion Rahimi. Originally, Medalion joined the star-studded cast of NCIS: Los Angeles as a guest actress. Her rare talent and exceptional ability to deliver unforgettable riposte and perform in fight scenes eventually landed her a permanent role on the show.

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