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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cat names?

Best cat names & meaning. Bella – is the name of the girl in twilight and also the name of many new baby girl. Bella also means beautiful in Spanish, it is popular girl cat names. Toby – Short for Tobias meaning precious. Mikesch – Funny kitty cat 🙂. Oliver – From Disneys animated movie Oliver and Company nickname Ollie.

Do cats recognize their own names?

When hearing their names’ being called the cats displayed “ orientating behaviour” (moving their heads and ears about to locate where the sound was coming from) and although they showed a greater response to their owner’s voices than strangers’, they declined to move when called by any of the volunteers.

What are the names of the different types of cats?

Some of the distinct cat breeds are Persian, Siamese (with different color variations such as blue point, lilac point, chocolate point), the long-haired Himalayan (similar to the Siamese in coloration), tabby, Abyssinian, Burmese, Manx, Rex, and Russian blue.

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