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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the MVPA example?

The purpose of this MVPA example is to (1) train an algorithm to learn what brain activity looks like when the participant was viewing the four different stimuli (cars, faces, shoes, houses) and then (2) test if the algorithm can accurately predict what type of stimulus the participant was viewing for any given trial.

When is the next MVPA meeting?

Our next meeting will be September 17, 2022 at the Jay County Fairgrounds, 806 East Votaw St., (47371) starting after the 10AM parade. Interested in joining the Indiana affiliate of the MVPA? Download an application and mail it in or bring it to our next meeting. No military vehicle required.

What are the benefits of MVPA in Physical Education?

Physical Education. Benefits of MVPA for a minimum of 50% of class time: Increasing MVPA in PE has the greatest potential for increasing health benefits for most students as it generates more energy expenditure; contributes to obesity prevention and muscular and bone development; reduces anxiety and stress; improves self-esteem,...

How much PE time should be spent on MVPA?

The goal is a minimum of 50% of class time to be engaged in MVPA. A recent study of California schools found that students are sedentary most of the time during PE, with only four minutes of every half hour spent in vigorous physical activity. Moreover, active PE time decreases with larger class sizes.

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