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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is amouranth?

WHO IS AMOURANTH? Amouranth aka Kaitlyn Siragusa is a live streamer on Twitch who does variety. Just Dance, Ring Fit, Cooking Streams, and IRL Streams. 1.

Is Morinth a banshee or Banshee?

In combat Morinth behaves like any other Banshee, without any special properties. Morinth's face, identical to Samara's, is based on American model Rana McAnear, who often cosplays as either character. Morinth has a couple of developer oversights associated with her character.

Is Morinth a good soul to fight?

Morinth is known to be a cagey soul; direct confrontation is useless as she's likely to have a hundred escape routes planned beforehand.

How did Morinth become a justicar?

Addicted to the process of melding, Morinth chose to run, prompting Samara in turn to become a justicar and hunt her down. For 400 years, Samara chased Morinth across asari space, as Morinth became more and more addicted to the rush she got from killing her mates.

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