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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the CEO of Mayfield Candle Company?

Troy Propes, CEO of Kentucky factory Mayfield Consumer Products speaks about the unfolding tragedy on 'Sunday Night in America.' "Sunday Night in America" spoke with Mayfield candle factory owner, whose factory was destroyed after deadly tornadoes to hit the country, pushing through approximately six states.

Where are Mayfield candles made?

The company opened the Mayfield candle factory as well as other consumer product manufacturers, with operations in different states and related business ventures in China and India. In 2000, MVP Group International moved its headquarters from Mayfield to Charleston, S.C., where Mary V. Propes had taken up residence.

Did Mayfield fire workers ahead of deadly tornadoes?

Mayfield, Kentucky (CNN) A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Mayfield Consumer Products on behalf of candle factory workers alleging they were told they would be fired if they left work ahead of last week's deadly tornadoes. One of the tornadoes ripped into the Mayfield factory, killing at least eight people.

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