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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best massage schools in North Carolina?

Board Approved Schools School Name School Location Living Arts College Winston Salem, NC Maiden School of Massage and Bodywork Th ... Maiden, NC Gwinnett College Raleigh, NC North Carolina Massage School Cornelius, NC 7 more rows ...

How do I become a massage therapist in North Carolina?

Some North Carolina massage therapists opt for national board certification as well as licensure. Attendance at a program that has been assigned a code by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork can greatly facilitate this process.

What services are provided by the North Carolina Licensed Massage & Bodywork therapists?

In addition to the educational opportunities available at the school, a variety of Natural Healing Arts, Massage and Bodywork Therapy services are provided by North Carolina Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapists (Licensed Therapists).

Are massage therapy schools accredited?

The expectation nationwide is that massage therapy schools either be accredited by a legitimate accrediting agency or approved at the state level. North Carolina has both types of program. Some programs are exempted from the Board approval process by virtue of their accreditation. Community colleges would fall under this category.

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