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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marianne Williamson the daughter of the press?

Marianne Williamson teaches the miracles of the Son of God, but she has unwittingly become the Daughter of the Press. America's latest Mary Magdalene is Mary Media-lene.

How did you meet Ms Williamson?

I first met Ms. Williamson in Los Angeles, late in the fall of 2017, at a conference called Summit, hosted by four tech entrepreneurs. Ms. Williamson was scheduled to give a speech. Before it began, I was looking for a seat when a woman introduced herself to me as a friend of Ms. Williamson’s.

What happened to Kristen Williamson at the first presidential debate?

Ms. Williamson at the first Democratic presidential debate in Miami in 2019, with fellow candidates John Hickenlooper and Andrew Yang. Doug Mills/The New York Times But it wasn’t until Minute 27, well after a cringe-worthy intervention by Kirsten Gillibrand on Ms. Williamson’s behalf, that Ms. Williamson was finally granted the floor.

What did Marianne Williamson say about Solzhenitsyn?

Marianne Williamson was invoking Solzhenitsyn, Tolstoy and Thoreau, barefoot in a brownstone in Brooklyn. “If everything you’re doing is making everybody happy, you’re not doing the right stuff yet,” she said to a room of about 30 people.

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