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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Marianne Williamson?

Marianne Deborah Williamson (born July 8, 1952) is an American spiritual teacher, author, and lecturer. She has published twelve books, including four New York Times number one bestsellers.

What does Marianne Williamson say about Jesus?

Every New Age teacher believes this about themselves, and Marianne Williamson is no exception to this, as her statements about Jesus are just as troubling. Here is what she says. “Jesus was a human being who while on earth completely self-actualized and fulfilled in all ways the potential glory that lies within us all.

Is Marianne Williamson 'Oprah's spiritual adviser'?

On August 2, 2018, The Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs revealed that Marianne Williamson, a New Age author and spiritual leader known as " Oprah 's spiritual adviser" thanks to her frequent appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, was considering a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Is Marianne Williamson considering a 2020 run as a Dem?

"Marianne Williamson, a best-selling author who appears to be considering a 2020 run as a Dem, was in Iowa twice this past week" (Tweet). Retrieved March 1, 2019 – via Twitter.

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