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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Marianne Faithfull's husband?

5th July 1969: Marianne Faithfull and her young son Nicholas attend a Rolling Stones concert in London’s Hyde Park. She is currently divorcing her husband John Dunbar to be with her boyfriend, singer Mick Jagger. (Photo by Ian Showell/Keystone/Getty Images)

Where did Marianne Faithfull live in Cambridge?

Faithfull married John Dunbar on 6 May 1965 in Cambridge with Peter Asher as the best man. The couple lived in a flat at 29 Lennox Gardens in Belgravia just off Knightsbridge, London SW1. On 10 November 1965, she gave birth to their son, Nicholas.

Who shot Marianne Faithfull?

#10 One of the most well-known portraits of Marianne Faithfull shot by John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins in 1966. He was commissioned by “Melody Maker” to take a series of photos for their magazine. #11 Marianne Faithfull in rehearsal for the play “Hamlet”, 1969. #12 Marianne Faithfull in her flat in Lennox Gardens, London, 1967.

Is Marianne Faithfull too weak to carry a tune?

Faithfull's voice is just too weak to carry a tune without a narrative crutch... Luckily for you, the age of iconic chanteuse auto-tribute albums ( Nancy Sinatra, Loretta Lynn, the Sixths) is coincident with the rise of iTunes. Unless you dig Nick's poetry, grab the Polly songs and run. ^ "Marianne Faithfull Reveals She Has No Money".

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