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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Marian Anderson have children with her husband?

Who is Marian Anderson’s husband? Orpheus H. Fisherm. 1943–1986. Did Marian Anderson have children? Miss Anderson married Orpheus H. Fisher, an architect, in 1943; he died in 1986. They had no children.

Who is Marian Anderson and what did she do?

Marian Anderson was an opera singer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But with talent and perseverance she became the first African American to perform as a member of the New York Metropolitan Opera. She was also the first African American to perform at the White House, invited by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Did Marian Anderson get married?

Marian Anderson married Orpheus H. Fisher on 17 July 1943 at Bethel in Connecticut. Orpheus was an architect and Marian was her second wife. Her husband had initially proposed her when they were both teenagers. Marian Anderson had a stepson named James Fisher by this marriage. James was her husband’s son from his earlier marriage to Ida Gould.

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