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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Deep River sung?

The melody was adopted in 1921 for the song Dear Old Southland by Henry Creamer and Turner Layton, which enjoyed popular success the next year in versions by Paul Whiteman and by Vernon Dalhart. "Deep River" has been sung in several films.

Who sang Deep River in the Proud Valley?

"Deep River" has been sung in several films. The 1929 film Show Boat featured it mouthed by Laura La Plante to the singing of Eva Olivetti. Paul Robeson famously sang it accompanied by male chorus in the 1940 movie The Proud Valley.

What is it about Marian Anderson?

Marian Anderson was the first one who made me realize that through art and music, she could reach inside me and just lift me from all that negativity and make me something else.

How many vocal scores did Marian Anderson have?

-There were 4,600 vocal scores in Marian Anderson's sheet-music library. Out of those 4,600, nearly a quarter of them were by women in hoping that she would help promote them to professional composers.

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